Around the Wedding

The Wedding! great moment of our lives!

Have you thought about the past?

You can't leave this unforgettable day without memory!

So think MDS production,

we will take care of preserving the best moments, by offering you the Film of the day,

and why not also a photo shoot?

A Wedding is organized!

download your wedding schedule.
(small program under excel)

just put the date of your wedding,

you will have the schedule of the year, to succeed on the happiest day of your life

Formulas and Rates

Click here

Our partners



A reference florist, a professional who will help you create your bouquets

your animation

AEC of event professionals at your service

Your Movie

will make you your memory in video, but also your photos,

the provider not to be missed

The dress

For the happiness of these ladies

look no further, introduce yourself to The Bride's Secret,

your Cake

And yes, don't forget your cake!

Alain Jeannot, one of the greatest pastry chefs in the mining basin, if not the largest

it will be a pleasure to create your wonderful dessert

The Caterer

Specialist in event restoration and event management in Montceau,
NEC TRAITEUR has gradually diversified to offer a comprehensive and comprehensive offer.

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